When it comes to lash styles, there are 3 options:



What is the difference between them and which one is for you?

CLASSIC EYELASH EXTENSIONS from £50 (infills from £30)

Here we attach one eyelash extension onto one of you natural lashes. The process is repeated until every one of your natural lashes has an extension attached. This is a great starting point if you have never had eyelash extension before and are unsure.

The end result is natural and beautiful - the more natural lashes you have, the denser the final look.

We call this our "mascara look" lash set.

VOLUME/TEXTURED EYELASH EXTENSIONS from £70 (infills from £30)

This style of lash requires using lash extensions that are finer than the ones used for classic style. Due to the eyelash extensions being finer (and lighter in weight), we can attach anywhere between 2-6 lashes on each natural lash. 

We create beautiful, symmetrical lash fans by hand and then apply this fan onto your natural lash. Due to the advanced technique and skills required, this process takes longer - hence a longer appointment is required. 

The end result can be as natural or dramatic as you like. 

if you are unable to lie still for more than 2 hours - we do not recommend this style for you as we require our clients to relax and lay quietly throughout the appointment to enable us to create your volume lash set.

Your natural lash health is our no.1 concern and we will never attach a lash extension that is too heavy and can damage your natural lash. Therefore if you have very short and/or fine lashes, we will not be able to give you long and thick lash sets as this can damage your natural lashes.

HYBRID EYELASH EXTENSIONS from £60 (infills from £30)

Hybrids are the love child of classic and volume lash styles.

We mix the methods of attaching 1 lash per natural lash with volume fans to create a stunning set. This is a great option for people who want classic but need a little more volume due to sparse or finer lashes.

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