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“The difference between ordinary and


extraordinary is that little extra.”  

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Flawless Me was first started back in 2011 by Jamie as a mobile nail business under the name of Tip to Toe Beauty.

After a couple of months, Jamie heard about eyelash extensions and was instantly intrigued by the idea of not having to apply mascara day in, day out and waking up with perfect eyes.

Since then Jamie has never looked back and has built a successful business over the years, going from mobile to home-based to then opening her first Flawless Stuio based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

In September 2020, the amazing Selina joined the Flawless team doing lash extensions. Selina has 4 years experience in the industry and is constantly udating her skills and learning - her passion is lashing!


Jamie has trained with renowned lash, hair and brow artists and completed many masterclasses to become a well known name in the industry.

She firmly believes that growth and self education is vital in staying ahead in an ever changing industry and that one size certainly doesn't fit all. Every appointment is personalised to each individual client to create an experience that keeps clients coming back year after year with new clients travelling from all over the UK to see her!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Flawless Studio!

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